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If you have a demonstrable high aptitude, interest and talent in programming, are a curious person and a quick learner, interested in learning the latest software technologies, are easy­going and like to be challenged, have very good project and technical experience in multiple technologies and projects, we may have the perfect career for you!

See our list of priority openings below, and we require multiple candidates for each opening. Even if your particular skill set is not mentioned in the listing below, but if you feel you match our core requirements for all candidates, send us your CV at



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TradebooX provides the tools businesses need to store, manage and share product details in a structured format, pricing and inventory of the products they sell on a per-product and per-trading partner basis, and by providing a platform that allows for efficient and selective sharing of information with their partners. There are other features like bundling multiple products, unbundling bundled products, reserving the products, make offer with much larger base of buyers. If you think of all these features, sometimes it gets very difficult, expensive or impossible for individual business to achieve.

Sign up with TradebooX and check our service packages offered to smoothen up the need of every possible business.