Tradeboox Association Management Solutions

Simplify your association management activities

Tradeboox Association Management Solutions

Developed after years of research to help automate association management activities so administrators are free to focus on strategic tasks while communicating with members and interested partners using any device in India or abroad via email, smartphone messaging and SMS

Benefit to association admin

Greatly simplifies tasks for administrator of association

Members are happier with better services and enhanced profiles

Eases access a larger number of potential interested parties

Single point of truth and data coherency assured for all activities

Better able to delegate administrative tasks to multiple entities

Simple to learn, easy to use, assurance of great value to any association


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Access from everywhere, manage from anywhere, delegate tasks as and when required

Technical highlights

Hosted on dedicated cloud service

100% data privacy guaranteed

Fully managed software and hardware

Service uptime guarantee of 99%

Complete data export assures no lock-in

Add-on services and functionality possible


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