Feature List

Account Management and CRM

A user-friendly CRM designed to help convert your leads to members.


Manage Contact

Customizable database of contacts which can expand to meet your needs. Manage detailed history logs and track progress. The built-in email and mobile marketing tools help convert leads to members.

Manage Accounts

Manage entire accounts jointly by grouping contacts and members. Assign both contacts and accounts to particular staff members to build associations.

Automate Email Campaigns

Smart email campaigns that will automate follow up with contacts. Activate or deactivate a particular contact follow up, add a personal touch to messages and much more.

Note Labels

The TAMS notes is a tool that covers most elements in the program, allowing employees to maintain an activity log of interactions with contacts, members, accounts, events, products, and more. Be aware of your employees to actively engage them, set deadlines, and schedule appointments. This information is later available to the employee in their personalized calendar and dashboard.


Social Media Integration

TAMS helps you stay in touch with your contacts by integrating directly across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It provides you with instant access to Tweets and Facebook post notifications.

Contacts to Members

With TAMS integrated feature allows you to convert your contacts into members. Tracking expected vs actual value and creating statistics on employee conversion rates is just a click away.

Administrative Dashboard

Customizable widgets, designed to provide details of feeds, schedules, and other important information regarding the lifespan of a contact.