Feature List

Event Management

Create and publish beautiful event pages with TAMS.


Event Pages

Create beautiful event pages with image galleries, maps, image sliders, event timeline, and built-in registration forms. Absolutely, no coding required.

Event Reporting

Extensive reporting options allow you to sort through event attendees, see who registered, when they registered, and what products they purchased when they registered for an event. Graphs and progress reports help you visually keep track of attendance and income generated by an event.

Communication with Attendees

Communicate and connect with event attendees through Emails, SMS or Social Media.

Multiple Calendars, Customizable Event tags

Create beautiful calendars, assign events to calendars, and tag events with customizable event tags.

Flexible Ticket Pricing

Flexible ticket pricing option for early birds, members, non-members, guests of members, guest of non-members, and even add-on products like table sponsorships or lecture tickets. Detailed reports available on who purchased what and when.