Feature List

Marketing Tools

Double opt-in email campaigns, targeted email blasts, and targeted SMS blasts.


Establish different types of campaigns, including double-opt-in or autoresponder email campaigns. Allow one-click opt-outs to prevent potential spam complaints.

Targeted Blasts

Target members based on any field in the database. Create targeted email and SMS campaigns based on the highly advanced criteria system.

Track Member Engagement

This built-in emailing system allows you to track readership, notifying you of who read an email and when. Track campaign effectiveness with link clicks tracking and conversions generated directly from link clicks.

Criteria based Automated Follow Up Campaigns

TAMS gives the power for a marketer, set up multiple followup campaigns for either contacts or members, all based on very specific criteria. Built directly on a powerful criteria system, marketers will be thrilled to discover the world of TAMS campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Easily connect and manage your own social media profiles, posting updates directly from TAMS, and also automating posts to your social media profiles.


Allows you to track key events that occur as a result of someone clicking a link within an email. These include making a purchase, registering as a member, registering for an event, and much more, which in turn allows you to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign.

Detailed Email Logs

TAMS provides you with detailed outbox logs, a reference of sent emails, SMS messages, and social media messages.

Automatically detect Bounced Emails

Automatically detect bounced emails and take appropriate actions, such as removing the email from the database or unsubscribing the user from a campaign.

Promotional Codes

Using promotional codes track the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Source Tracking

Track and run analytics based on where your members and contacts originate from, and use this data to determine which campaigns are effective.