Feature List

Membership Management

Manage all members data at one place. Customize your database, automate enrollment and improve operational efficiency in a single system.

Hassle free Management

Automate online registrations, payments, renewals, invoices, account updates, forgotten password recovery, event planning, reminders, and email campaigns.

Automated Membership Due Collection

Collect the membership dues online through the TAMS subscription system. Prorate membership terms, renewal lengths, and renewal costs, as well as create penalties for late payments using custom settings.

Content Security

Create, secure content like a page, directory, or a physical file and sell access to content as part of a package or individually.

Member Self-Service Portal

Members can log into a customizable self-service portal from which they can track and update their membership, including updating data, view announcements, access secure content, managing subscriptions, invoices, and event registrations, and much more.

Data Security

Any data stored in the database is secured and encrypted, and can be kept off-limits to specific employees. For extra sensitive data, high-level encryption is available with just click of a button.

Password Sharing Prevention

TAMS provides password sharing detection and a concurrent login prevention tool features to make sure that only paying members are accessing "Members Only" content.

Custom Database

Easily customize the fields that will be included in your membership database, allowing for endless flexibility in collecting information from association members.